Windows 10 Won't Wake Up Using Keyboard or Mouse

If It Ain't Broke, Break It

This seems to be the common theme lately for Windows 10 releases.

Issue: Lock Windows 10 using Win+L and cannot wake with keyboard or mouse

My environment is that I use a USB hub that I connect my USB keyboard and mouse to and then I have that hub connected to multiple computers. A poor man's KVM switch, without the V (Video).

This thread on the Microsoft Community forum identifies the same issue dating back to August 24th, 2015. A bug that has been in Windows 10 for over three years now and still with no fix.

The thread has been closed or else I would have posted the solution there directly.

Fix What Microsoft Refuses to Fix

The solution is quite simple:
  1. Press Win+S and search for Device Manager

  2. At the very bottom, expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers entry

  3. Right-click on every single USB controller. If a USB controller has a Power Management tab (not all do), then select that tab

  4. Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
The issue is that Microsoft allows Windows 10 to turn off the freaking USB port with the excuse of saving power. If the USB port is turned off, then it is impossible for the USB keyboard and mouse to communicate with the computer.

There are some brilliant software engineers who work for Microsoft.